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Take It and Run Thursday: Running Blogs

Today's "Take It and Run" theme over at the Runners Lounge is about running blogs. I certainly have my share that I read -- some not even listed over to the right side of this page. I really like this theme -- I've been looking to update my list of regular blogs I read and them link to them, so I'm anxious to get to today's posts if I ever have the time. Anyway, here's a look at some of my regulars. Thanks to everyone who reads mine regularly!

Andrew is getting fit -- This is a great mix of humor, facts, weigh-ins and various motivation factors. Andrew is literally a world away and updates his blog often.

Rob Dares -- What started as a weight loss journey turned into running a marathon. Rob has a great story to tell that just keeps on going.

Non-Running Nancy -- Who doesn't ready Nancy's blog??

Recast In Iron -- Jason was one of the first bloggers I came across when I started blogging last year. Together we made it through the Richmond Marathon and the Shamrock Half Marathon ... yet we've never met! Anyway, Jason's journey continues with goals beyond doing a marathon.

A Viking, Running -- This guy is hilarious. He may be sporadic with his posting -- sometimes three or four times a week; sometimes he'll go a couple of weeks without writing -- but it's always a great read.

The Journey ...
-- This girl does it all despite a very busy life. Check it out.

Back in May, I gave a shout out to several bloggers. The title was "Yo Bloggers" -- click here to check it out.