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Taking a tumble

By special request after mentioning it on Facebook and Twitter, I am writing about falling while running last night. The short story is I fell and I'm OK. The long story is ... I was running with Duke and my friend Travis. About a mile and a half into our run, we had to pass a few people on the sidewalk. We ran out into the street and then back onto the sidewalk. I thought I jumped high enough to get back on, but apparently due to the darkness and wet conditions, I didn't jump high enough, or one foot didn't go high enough ... or something like that. All I know is that all of a sudden I fell on the sidewalk ... in front of other people. My first priority was making sure Duke stopped, which he had. He was just kind of looking at me with a concerned look. But I got up, made sure I could move OK and kept on with my run. When I dropped Duke off a little while later I realized I had blood running down my leg and had a few more scrapes than I first realized. But I was OK, and Travis and I continued our run.

We ended up running almost 6 miles, my longest run in quite some time. I think it was my first run beyond 4 miles since the Rock 'n' Roll Half in early September. That just shows how bad my running has been since that race. I'm actually a little sore today from both the fall and the run. My shoulder actually hurts a little bit too, so suprise, surprise, I'm putting off a day of 100 push-ups. But I'm not forcing it and will just start again next week. Actually, I'll probably do another day of it this weekend and then just redo the same week next week.

So, about this fall. I know I'm not alone ... I just can't be. Take my poll below.

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