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Taking another tumble

Warning: There is blood below!

It's funny how embarrassing it is to fall while running when someone else sees it, but the minute I get home I want to tell everyone about it. It's like being a kid and loving to have a Band Aid on and forcing someone to ask about it. Now with a phone to quickly upload photos to the Internet, it's fun to really share the news with everyone. (Again, a warning that there is blood below.)

Well ... WAIT!!! I ran 3 miles tonight. That's the longest non-marathon run since Nov. 6. It's nice to get beyond 2 miles -- I've had a few 2-mile or so runs in the past couple of weeks and have been itching to do more. So tonight was the tonight. Things felt pretty good. Not great, not bad ... I can't complain. I hope it's a sign the end of this injury is near.

running, bloodTonight was also the night in which Duke decided to go one way and I go another for one stride as we were passing people on the sidewalk. Somehow I stepped on my right foot, my flashlight landed about 10 feet behind me and all I wanted to do was yell at Duke for getting in the way when it was really both our faults. The people we passed probably think I abuse my dog, but hey, we made up quickly as we always do. In fact, he's curled up by my feet now getting his sleep on.

A half mile later with no sidewalk around, someone apparently couldn't see my bright green shirt and LED flashlight and passed by me very slowly, way too close. They didn't like me shining my flashlight in their car. I heard them stop and change gears. As I turned around I heard the gears change again and saw them creeping slowly up the road. In a small town and in an even smaller neighborhood, people better not be too stupid in their cars. Maybe they thought they forgot someone, but I have a feeling they wanted to back up or turn around and have a chat.

Who knew 3 miles could have so many stories to tell?