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Thank you (finally) Mother Nature

It's been nearly a month since my open letter to Mother Nature. She just wouldn't listen to me or other runners, no matter how much we begged and pleaded to get a break. Well, I think the curse of "the summer I decided to train for a marathon" has ended. On days after a long run, I usually head out for a short jog/walk routine to get the soreness out. Today, I did just that (much more walk than jog), and I was forced into a long-sleeve running shirt. I have some cutoff temperatures with my gear, and below 50 is when the long sleeve shirt comes out. When it gets below 40, out come the gloves, usually the pants and often a second layer up top. I absolutely love this weather and while I know it'll warm up a bit soon, I think we can say farewell to high humidity and unbearable temperatures until next summer. Of course there is ideal marathon weather I want, but this is a fair trade off for now.