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Thankful for race weeks

Richmond Marathon, Half MarathonOn this day 11 of my "thankful for" posts, I've been thinking a lot about race weeks. The nerves, the joys, the what ifs, the extra plate of spaghetti. I've always loved the few days before a race. They're opportunities to reflect while also anticipating what could happen.

Today I've thought a lot about how race week has lost some of its appeal with me in the past year. It was a year ago yesterday that I ran the Richmond Marathon and decided I needed a break. I've enjoyed the break of lower mileage and fewer races, but also getting in some great events along the way.

In this month of expressing my thanks, I'm realizing how much I miss racing and big goals. I miss those early week race nerves. I know that a year ago I put too much pressure on myself at the Richmond Marathon. I had to escape the big goals for a while. I think every runner should.

So on day 11, I'm thankful for race weeks and the feelings and emotions they bring on that I never thought were possible. And I hope I get those feelings back really soon.