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"Thanks" isn't enough

There's a lot of my mind from Saturday's Richmond Marathon, but it's going to take some time to find all the right words for what I'm thinking and feeling. Before I move on to those thoughts or what might happen next, I wanted to give a big "thank you" to a lot of people for all the support over the past few months and year in making this happen. Saying "thanks" isn't enough, but it's the best that I can do: * To my wife My wife was a trooper on Saturday venturing around Richmond to all the party zones and then walking her way to find me on the course near the end. In addition to all the support on Saturday, my wife never had any issues with my evening runs or early morning weekend long runs over the summer (or my sweaty clothes I liked to leave on the bathroom floor).

* To my mom From the comments on my blog to some extra babysitting a few nights so I could run, my mom has always been one of my biggest fans.

* To my Daily Mile friends I almost lumped social networking into one, but Daily Mile deserves its own shout-out. Without the support on there from others going through the same things, or offer advice from there own experiences, I wouldn't have been able to do this.

* To my Twitter followers For those who don't "get" Twitter, you need to find your niche. The support on Twitter is unbelievable and helped carry me through many of my long runs as I took my phone along with me.

* To my friend Travis Earlier this year Travis and I strung together some awesome runs as we prepared for the Shamrock Half in March. We didn't run together quite as much in the summer as our training took us in different directions, but his support along the way and the mileage we shared together went a long way in making the marathon happen.

* To my dog Duke I may get annoyed with his antics on a leash sometimes, but Duke is an awesome running partner. I should write about him more than I do. I have no idea how many miles he's gone with me this year, but every weekend he was up and out the door at 5:30 or to run several miles of my long runs. He survived the crazy cold earlier in the year and made it through some intense heat this summer.

* To the spectators The Richmond Marathon has some great support along the entire course (minus the Lee Bridge), along with some good bands and DJs. Even when I was walking, people were able to give me a boost. It's tough to acknowledge those things while they're happening, but please, keep lining the course!

* To all my commenters There's some overlap here, but for anyone not following me on anything not listed above, thank you for commenting and reading my blog. I'll never meet many of you, but every comment means the world to me. Thank you.