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That new routine

It's funny that three days into this taking-the-stairs campaign how easy it is to forget that I'm doing it. When I left work yesterday, I did my normal routine - I hit the elevator button and got on. By the time it hit the third floor I realized I forgot to take the stairs. Earlier in the day, I took the elevator down two floors for a brief meeting, but when I returned to the fifth floor I took the stairs. It's funny, yet sad, that when I take the stairs up each morning that I'm winded. I'm in pretty good shape and am getting in better shape with training, but there's something about stairs that are odd. I remember when I ran track in high school in the mid-1990s the toughest workouts were always doing the football field bleachers. When I look at people in the gym on the stair-stepper, it looks like that there's no effort put into it ... but now I know there is.

Taking the steps is a bonus. It not time consuming at all, yet I know the benefits will go a long way. Once Stephanie gets over the flu I'll expand the step-taking to lunch. I can't wait to add this all up every month to see how many steps I'm taking.