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The 1st mile

I ran a mile last night. Nothing more, nothing less ... well, technically it was 1.1. So I ran 1.1 mile(s) last night. It wasn't too bad; it wasn't all that great either. It was a mile, much sooner than I expected after my marathon. A mile is a mile. I'm not sure when the next mile will come. It could be tomorrow; it could come on a turkey trot; it could be December before it happens again. Just like much of this year has gone, I will continue to do this by feel. I do have a consultation appointment with a chiropractor in a couple of weeks. My wife's chiropractor is doing a patient appreciation event and is offering free appointments in exchange for toys for a Toys for Tots drive. It's one of those things I shouldn't pass up. When I was running Saturday, I was thinking about my issues of lack of core training, and if something is out of whack now would be a good time to address it. I've been reading a lot this week about chiropractors and runners who use them ... some good, some bad, some neutral. So, we'll see.

So speaking of core training, this week I have busted out my dumbbells twice, done the plank a couple of times and done several sit-ups. It's not unusual to do something like this, but in the past few months I lost sight of how important these types of cross training things are. When it comes to the core, cross training might not even be the right words -- it's necessary training that I haven't done regularly in a very long time.

With the holidays approaching and doing less running, I can't have too much out-of-control eating. A week before the marathon I was 183, so I've done a decent job of maintaining. But when I saw my marathon photos this week, I know that I have a ways to go. I need to burn more fat ... what the end result is on the scale, I don't care. I just want to feel better about myself.

So this has become a very random post ... but that's what happens with no running. I've got a variety things on my mind and I need a good 3-4 miles a few times a week so those thoughts don't make it to the blog.