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The 4-mile "milestone"

runningEvery injury has taught me to appreciate running more than I did before, and in the past few months I've learned even more to not take things for granted. While I needed a break, it has been frustrating at times. I've somehow managed, though, to kind of just go along for the ride and see what happens.

These past few weeks have been very good as I've slowly increased my distance and intensity on my runs. Today I hit a milestone that I thought was probably another week or two away -- 4 miles.

It was the first time hitting 4 miles (besides the marathon) since Oct. 27, only a day away from three months ago. That seems unreal that I've gone a quarter of the year since doing that.

While I haven't been keeping track too closely of the times on my run, today was one of the fastest "everyday" runs since the beginning of October. I was just a few seconds away from having an easy run under a 9-minute pace today.

I felt good out there in shorts while it briefly snowed. I didn't think about my knee all that much -- I just ran. I'm actually starting the year much better than several other years.

There's a lot going through my head right now with whether or not to do the Shamrock Half Marathon. Part of me wants to drop out and just focus on continuing to recover. Another part of me kind of aches about thinking of ending a tradition. This would be my fifth consecutive Shamrock Half if I do it. I still have time to get to the mileage I want and I'm pretty sure my fitness from marathon training has stuck with me relatively well.

I'm not deciding anything today, but I'm definitely leaning a certain way. I'm not really looking for advice on what to do -- I know what my options are and I certainly know the risks, rewards and potential disappointments with either choice. It's just a spinning wheel in my mind that I can't totally figure out yet.

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