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The 420 day streak is about to end

Last August in the middle of marathon training, I ran my first 5k under 23 minutes. It was part of a streak of PRs in a 5k. I had a 23:03 the month before and 23:49 in November 2006. It was my 11th 5k since late 2004 ... little did I know it would be 420 days later that I would be doing my next 5k. That's my longest drought without a 5k since 2006 when I went about nine months without racing that distance.

The check is written and the entry form is filled out to run a 5k at 8 a.m. tomorrow. It's looking like temperatures will be a bit nippy with lows forecast in the mid-40s tonight. It was 85 degrees two days ago. For the record, this race is called the 5k Eagle Challenge, which benefits St. Edward-Epiphany School on Huguenot Road in the Bon Air area of Richmond.

As you know it's not like I haven't entered races. Since that time I've done a 4-miler, an 8k, a 10k, a virtual 8 miler, three half marathons (Lynchburg, Shamrock, Rock 'n' Roll), a 30k and a marathon. But I've gotten away from this great distance, and I'm looking forward to it. I don't really have any goals -- how can I when it's been that long? I just want to have fun, and that's what 5ks have always been for me. I've missed it ... just how much is something I'll find out in the morning.