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The 5k that wasn't

If I were to run a 5k right now in 23:21, I'd be thrilled. It would mean I'd be very close to once again getting to a PR in that distance. I ran 23:21 in an advertised 5k today.

Only problem is that was for 2.9 miles. And no, it wasn't a Garmin issue or a weather issue causing watch problems. It was less than 3 miles, no doubt about it.

This race has problems with getting the distance right -- read this post from my friend Jeremy who did the inaugural running of this event with a different course route. (And yes, I totally stole his title for this post.)

What I was hoping for today was to test where I stand with a 5k. I've done very little in the way of speed work lately so I knew heading into it that I'd probably be around 25 minutes. Maybe, in the right conditions, be a little closer to 24 minutes.

With this pace, I would have hit 3.1 in 25 exactly. I'll never know though what I had left in the tank to close it out strong, or if I could even close it out strong.

I'm not going to sit around and obsess about my time and how I've gotten so out of 5k shape -- it is what it is. And it's what happens when I run without training for something.

Now, the work begins ...