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The best since ...

Last week at this time, I was pumped for having the longest run in a long time. Tonight, it's the best-feeling long run in what feels like forever. For the seventh straight week my friend and I put in a solid double digit run. Tonight's 10-miler included a 5k in 24:57 after already running 4 miles. We were both pretty pumped about having such a solid time on a hilly course. Overall we were under a 9-minute mile pace. Doing the math of what I've done before and what generally works for me with training runs vs. race pace, I'm on target for a PR. I haven't gotten carried away this winter with those thoughts, but I can't see a reason not to go for it this year.

We'll likely get in one more 10-miler next week before the Shamrock Half, which is 17 days away. From this point on, many of my runs will likely be fairly easy. All that's left is some weight issues that I'm not going to stress about.