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The Cleveland Experience

Beyond my race performance, my brief encounter with Cleveland was a positive one. I kind of wish I wouldn't have rushed my time there so I could have taken in more of the sights. Back when I was going to run the marathon, my plan was to make a full weekend out of it. When I changed to the half marathon, it became a quick trip to go to my in-laws, go to the expo late Saturday, run Sunday, return to my in-laws, return to Virginia on Monday.

My wife and I did get to catch some of the sights of downtown Cleveland without spending any extra money, but I'd like to go back sometime with some better planning.

Cleveland skyline

Cleveland - Lake Erie

One of the cool things about Cleveland was the access to Browns Stadium before and after the race. It's great to see a race, city and venue work together to allow runners to use clean restrooms and to be able to relax in a quiet place.

After the race, I just wanted to sit in the shade in a quiet place. Who knew an NFL stadium would be the perfect place for that?

Browns Stadium, Cleveland

My wife said this was one of the best spectating events she has been too from the standpoint of the vendors opening up early. She was able to buy some coffee without walking back to downtown and hang out for a while before runners started finishing.

I'm not sure if I'll do this race again or not. While my overall experience was positive, I wasn't overwhelmed by anything to want to make a return any time soon. As I think about what I might do in 2013, this race isn't jumping out as one I'll sign up for right away.

Never say never though.

For now I'm eager to spend a few weeks of running for the fun of it, building a base, and then focusing on Richmond Marathon training.