The day after

After the euphoria of Christmas is over, Dec. 26 usually has this weird hungover feeling to it. The keyword is usually. With my son now 3 and experiencing the joy of the season in so many ways, Christmas is once again more than a day. It's a big event leading up to it -- driving around looking at Christmas lights, numerous times seeing a Santa that knows his name, and decorating an Advent tree every night were just a few of the highlights this month.

And today, the day after, was a huge day for him to spend a gift card from his birthday to buy more train tracks -- it's like he had a creative explosion in the living room putting track together in so many ways.

The past few weeks of my normal everyday life reminds me so much of training for a race -- there's so much buildup for one event, but what happens after that event is just as important as everything else. I wish people's Christmas spirit lasted longer and that everyone could be as happy and care-free as a 3-year-old, but I think what's important is that I try to soak all this in and do what I can to keep those feelings going.

I know this may not make much sense, but the day after Christmas always puts a lot of things on my mind. I've never really used this blog as an outlet for that before, but these are things I think about while running, especially this year doing the Holiday Run Streak. Don't worry, I have some more lists to share this week as I continue to reflect on 2011.