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The Lost Files, Vol. II

As promised from a couple of weeks ago, I'm republishing some myspace blogs from well before this blog started. Following my first half marathon from that post, I started dealing with a lot of right knee pain. It was my first serious injury in nearly three years of running.

This post was titled "A tale of the worst day ever and the best day ever" and was published Sunday, Sept. 3, 2006.

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It's looking more and more likely that my body might not be able to handle running a marathon this year. I'm not giving up hope that it won't happen, but I've been having some knee pain when I run and yesterday was the worst.

Fortunately, my training for the 10 Miler is set up in a way to get a lot of rest in the next two weeks. It's set up perfect for what I need to do to have a good time in the race.

Anyway, yesterday I went out to run 10 miles and at mile 9 I just had to stop. When I stopped, I could hardly walk because my knee hurt so bad. I took a couple of minutes to just rest and then walked the last mile.

When I got home, I couldn't hardly walk up the stairs. It's hard to put into words the frustration of that happening. And I don't need a doctor to tell me that it's from over-use from the extended miles.

It's something I have to deal with by running longer distances. I knew that coming into the whole thing.

So that was the start of the worst day ever. Christina made me an egg and cheese sandwich and when I sat down to eat, I dropped the sandwich on the floor and the egg quickly gathered dog hair. (Surprisingly, Duke was too occupied with his treat to immediately grab it.)

That was it I thought -- it was just the worst day ever. After making yet another sandwich, I finally ate breakfast and then decided to sleep for a couple of hours.

When I woke up from my nap, I was craving a cheeseburger. Not a fast-food cheeseburger -- the thought of McDonald's or Wendy's makes me nearly puke these days. I wanted a good one.

So we headed over to the Phil-a-Deli since they have good ones, plus we really like that place. Well, they closed early for the holiday weekend. The worst day ever continued ...

This all being said, I have forgotten to mention that we were driving the Malibu, with the thought of maybe looking for a new car. I've hated the Malibu since day one when I got it six years ago. I think I've disliked that car more than my baby blue 1990 Ford Escort.

I just had some work done do it and was told it would need new brakes soon. And yesterday on the way to my run, the anti-lock brake light came on. Last time that happened, $300 got thrown away to fix a sensor. The ABS light was just another part of the worst day ever.

So anyway, the only place I could think of for a decent burger was TGIFriday's. That didn't disappoint, although instead of fries I got broccoli and the broccoli wasn't good at all. I couldn't tell if it was overcooked or undercooked.

When we left the restaurant, my car nearly turned off as we were driving through the parking lot. I had gotten in my head to just go ahead and wait a month or two before looking, but that just pissed me off, so to the car dealership we went.

We went to the Hyundai/Mitsubishi/Mazda/Nissan place where we bought our Ford Escape earlier this year. They treated us well then and I like returning to a business if I've been treated well. (For those that know me, you know I boycott a place for a long time if I've had bad service.)

When we pulled in, the guy who sold us the Escape was in the parking lot. And he remembered us, too. It was just a sign. To make a long story short, if that's possible, we test drove a couple of cars and looked at a few others.

By acting like we weren't ready to buy yet and explaining that we didn't want any payments due until at least November, we got a brand new Hyundai Elantra.

In the end, we got the payments down almost $100 a month and didn't have to put any money down... and no payments until December. Suddenly, it was the best day ever.

Anyway, I have run out of time for more details than this ... I will let you know that my knee, thankfully, feels better today. Now I just need to be patient and give it some rest.