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The Lost Files, Vol. III

Virginia 10 Miler, LynchburgVol. II of the lost running blogs left me at a crossroads -- I was well into my first running injury a few weeks away from the Virginia 10 Miler, a race I'll be doing again at the end of this month, and I was determined to fight through it. I was willing to do just about anything to run that race, including popping Advil, something I would likely advise against now as a way to push through a race.

It's a good post for me to reflect on to see where I've been and think about how I reacted a few years later with my second ITB injury. In some ways, it was like I didn't learn anything, but in other ways I can see how far I've come.

So here is Vol. III of my series leading up to my first double-digit race, only before seen by a few friends on myspace 6 years ago. This was originally posted Sept. 10, 2006, and titled "Advil ... who knew?"

* * *

During my group meet at Riverside Runners the other day, we had a 2-mile time trial. We also did this back in June.

My time in June was 17:31, which I thought was good considering I had gotten out of shape a little bit. When this past Thursday rolled around, I was kind of scared to just go all out for two miles with the way my knee has been.

Well, to my own surprise, I hauled ass and finished in 14:38, nearly a 3-minute improvement. I was totally thrilled.

So this takes me to my knee pain ... I have discovered how awesome ice is for treating injuries. It's kind of one of those things I knew before, but never had to use it, so I didn't think much of it and didn't use it when the pain initially started.

Then I was talking to a woman the other night who told me at the beginning of the training she was having shoulder and knee pain and her doctor told her to take three Advil a day. She said she hasn't experienced any pain since.

So me being the self-diagnostic person that I am, bought some Advil. (The real deal, not the generic Wal-profen.)

Yesterday I had my long run for the week, and although not 100 percent pain free, it was 10 times better than the week before. I could actually walk after this run.

So with less than a week to go before the 10 Miler, the plan is to take it fairly easy with short, yet intense runs, ice my knee down every day no matter what and pop those Advils like it's my job to take Advil three times a day.

I haven't made a decision on the marathon yet. That might wait a year, but I'm waiting to see how next week goes. That was, afterall, my goal for the summer.