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The new (temporary) normal

WesleyOn Saturday morning around 8, I was on my phone and saw in my Inbox my last post. My posts are scheduled to email to subscribers at 7 a.m. the day after a post. At that time on Saturday, I was at the hospital and my new son Wesley had already been a part of the world for more than 2 hours. Maybe I can forever take credit for that being the push to have him finally make his appearance after a couple of weeks of patiently waiting.

This first week has certainly been a blur -- some trips back and forth to the hospital over the weekend; the first mainly sleepless night at the hospital; taking my other son to and from school; squeezing in a few short runs; going into work for a few hours in the second half of the week.

It's very much the new normal for a few weeks, then it will change again for a few weeks when his patterns change, and then again and again. It's the great mystery of life that I'm looking forward to experiencing once again, as well as the ups and downs of being a father to two.

I'm sure that my occasional posting on here will continue to be, well, occasional. As I take in this new life in my world, I've thought a lot this week through all the other craziness about my goals, readjusting them, coming up with new ones.

I've got a lot more on my plate, which only makes me focus even more about what the rest of this year will bring and what I want to do in 2014.