The not-so-racy race report

Our hotel provided a great view for the little ants marching on the beach following the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. Goal #1: Beat last year's time. Check.

Goal #2: Beat two hours. Check.

Goal #3: Weather permitting, be close to 1:50. Uh, no check.

With very little speed work this summer, I knew heading into today's Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon that I probably wouldn't do any better than 9-minute miles, but it doesn't hurt to wish, right? Usually for a race report I go mile by mile and recap different thoughts that occurred along the way. Today, though, there really isn't much need.

It was a good consistent long run. All but one mile was slower than 8:45 and all but one mile was faster than 9:15. Final time: 1:59:18. That's nearly 7 minutes better than last year's heat debacle, so I'm very happy with that. A course record is always nice. But a mile into today's race I knew there would be no extra pushing. At least not a lot of extra pushing. There were moments today in which I tried to go a little faster, but it just wasn't going to happen. And I wasn't about to go over the edge to do it. About half way through the race, my goal became simple - beat 2 hours. I knew if I kept the pace I was on I would do it within a minute or two.

The weather today was considerably better than last year, but there were parts of the course that were pretty hot in the direct sunlight. Then there were other parts that actually felt cool. All in all it wasn't bad. It wasn't great either ... it was just a good day to have a nice long run in Virginia Beach.

Today's race concludes the way my summer has gone -- slow and steady. As far as what's next, that's another post for another day. Right now I am content with celebrating my seventh half marathon in two and a half years. No matter what my time, there's nothing better than crossing a finishing line and doing what so many people don't get a chance to experience.