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The Shamrock goal.

Shamrock Half Marathon logoI thought about writing about the weather, but I'd sound just like everyone else (you know ... 60s one day, snow the next). I thought about writing about my lack of speed in the past two months, but it's nothing I haven't experienced before after much-needed downtime.

I thought about diving into what I could have (or should have) done differently with the final month or so of training for the Richmond Marathon.

There are a lot of things I've thought about in the past couple of weeks when it comes to the Shamrock Half Marathon, but none of it would make sense. If anything, it would sound like a bunch of excuses as to why I'm not setting a goal of a PR this year.

Instead, I've turned my focus to how I can run Shamrock in a way that will make my experience a month later at the Blue Ridge Half Marathon better than last year and how I can start focusing now on one my main goals for the year with a 5k PR.

There's no doubt that the Shamrock Half Marathon is my favorite race tradition. Last year was far and away the best experience of my 5 races there. Getting so close to sub 1:40 was such a thrilling moment that I immediately knew I had to make that a goal for this year.

My voice of reason is here to say, though, that is a really crazy idea right now. With less than 4 weeks to go, I'm not setting that goal.

In fact, I'm not setting a specific time goal. I fully expect to not hit the lap button on my watch for the first half of the race.

It's a drastic shift for Shamrock, but one I need to do so I can focus on the rest of the year. Sub 1:40 will happen eventually for me, but just in a different age group and maybe in a race not named Shamrock. ...