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The slow start continues

Getting sick puts me in a bad mood. What's worse is getting sick without really being sick, meaning not having a fever. I'd almost just rather be all-out sick for a few days and then be done with it. But here I am now a week into having a cold, and I think I'm on the tail end of the worst of it. We'll see how tonight goes. Anyway .... * I almost put off "31 in 31" for another month with the way things started, but I quickly realized if I put it off then I probably wouldn't do it. So I'm sticking with it, no matter how bad the first five days have gone with my health. Sometime this week I'll create a tab for "31 in 31" to document this process better as well as explain some "rules" for it. My hope is to be minimal with it this month and to have a more intense month later this year. A tab on my blog will remind me of what I'm doing. It's all about accountability.

* Speaking of accountability, I weighed in on Jan. 1 5 pound heavier than a year ago at this time. I'm so mad at myself for that, but at the same time I have no one to blame but myself. So that being said, I'm starting this year off like I did 2004 -- weight loss is a top goal of mine this year. While it's not a diet, the first couple of months of making changes make a big difference. It's all about making lifestyle changes -- many changes I need to make are ones I've done already, but I haven't stuck with it. So expect a "no" list from me soon on foods I am staying completely away from for a while.

* I finally got my first run in tonight. It wasn't much since I'm battling this cold and due to the fact it's so cold outside. But it was nice to get out and get in a couple of miles. (Day 3 of "31 in 31" by the way ended up being 50 sit-ups.) Speaking of the weather, it looks like this whole country got shifted to the Arctic for the winter, so it's time to suck up and get out in it. Just be safe out there, dress in layers and take it easy.