living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.

Thinking ahead

Blue Ridge MarathonWith moving this summer and a new baby on the way, I feel like I'm on fast forward with life. Yet things with running and what I want to do as year 10 begins on Jan. 1, things are becoming clear. I'm closing out this year with two races (Richmond Half and the Surf 'n' Santa 10 Miler) that should help set the tone for a more dedicated winter training cycle. I love the colder weather, but I struggled this past winter after catching the flu.

By not training for a fall marathon, I won't end the year run down; instead I'll begin headed toward a new peak. Figuratively and literally.

I'm once again signed up for the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon in Roanoke, Va. This year I've learned that I want to experience new challenges. While I want to get faster, I setting PRs aren't at the top of my priority list. As I look ahead to how I want to celebrate 10 years of running, conquering this marathon simply tops my list.

I haven't run it yet because 1) I've been unprepared; 2) One year I was coming off injury; and 3) I've been scared.

I've been so focused on Shamrock every year that a marathon a month later never felt right. Next year, though, I feel more confident that I can approach Shamrock as a training race and turn my focus to Blue Ridge.

August goals update

  • 1,000 total push-ups: Currently at 649
  • More biking miles than running miles: Currently 41.3 biking, 40.1 running
  • Increase long run to 10 miles: 8.2; going for 10 this weekend