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This treadmill goes how fast?

Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links from Gym Source. The views and opinions expressed on this post are purely and entirely my own. ProForm Boston_Marathon_Treadmill_Incline_DeclineLast fall I got a chance to see the ProForm Boston Marathon GSX treadmill at the Runner's World Half Marathon. I was amazed at its features including the ability to use Google Street View to see real routes and experience road changes on the treadmill, the crazy incline changes from 6% decline to 20% incline and how fast you can set it to -- 15 mph. 

According to ProForm, this is the only home treadmill that can go this fast.

Recently Tyler Andrews of Concord, Mass., broke a record for a treadmill half marathon on the ProForm treadmill, which included setting his speed at 15 mph in the final 2 minutes to hit 1:07:18, breaking the record by 11 seconds. (Read more at Runner's World.)

This treadmill is available exclusively at Gym Source. Visit their website for more information.