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Three Things Thursday

Being in this in between state of feeling like not doing anything, taking a break from the word "training" and nursing a knee a bit, I'm finding a variety of things on my mind right now. So, here's my first "Three Things Thursday" post, which is great for moments like this. 1. Speaking of my knee, I realized today that in my great moments of being healthy, I let my form slip a bit. I think I got too comfortable, but today I set myself straight by concentrating on my foot strikes.

I feel like this is a constant work in progress, but since I've been injury free for a while now, I know that what I'm doing is working. I just can't let it slip again.

2. Barring any kind of setback, I'm going to hit my high school's track this weekend. I'm not sure what I'll do; my initial thoughts are a few 800 repeats at my 1:39 half marathon pace. Since I haven't been on the track in 5 years, anything I do will be a learning experience.

3. My 2-3 lunch runs per week will pretty much be coming to an end next week since our workout program's rewards are drastically changing. Simply put, it's not nearly worth it as much to workout there beyond a couple of walks a day, which is pretty sad considering I work for a health care company. It's well known that I don't talk about work on here much, but I'll miss those mid-day runs around Roanoke.

That said, my original plan from a year ago to becoming a morning runner is back in full force. I've had several morning runs in the past couple of months without major problems, and I've been mentally preparing for this for a couple of months now. Getting up a half hour or so earlier will not be a problem.