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Time to dust off the bike

It's funny how I don't have much to say about running right now. Maybe it's because training for the Shamrock Half is off to a good start and I don't want to jinx anything. I do feel, though, that I need to continue to mix things up. My core streak has started off well and I have no doubts that will only improve my running; my 100 push-ups effort is also continuing -- last night I did a total of 80 push-ups with a redo of week 3, day 2. When I look at what I'm doing, though, something is still missing. I've felt like that for a long time.

I have a fairly cheap mountain bike that I bought about 4 years ago that has very few miles on it. It sits in a storage building gaining new cobwebs every day. When I see it, I wipe off the seat, check the tires and say the same thing - "I need to start riding my bike again."

For those of you who haven't followed me for years, you probably don't know about my tail bone injury from summer 2008. That injury pretty much ended my biking outside.

When I joined a gym in 2009, I did some spinning on the various bikes in there, but my tail bone didn't feel right for a long time.

That feeling of pain when sitting lingered with me for a long time. I know that's only an excuse now, but I wanted to provide some context as to why I haven't been on a bike in a while.

Today I took an important step to getting back on the bike -- I purchased a bike helmet. It's actually the first one I've ever owned.

Now that I've made that $20 investment, it's time to take the next step to hopping on the bike and seeing what happens ...

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