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Week 5: I want it

"I've never made it past week 4 ..."

I wrote that in May 2011 when I was doing the 100 push-ups program for the 1,934th time. Back on attempt No. 1 in 2009, I wrote a post titled Stuck in Week 4.

Now that I'm on attempt No. 2,121, I find myself in familiar territory -- the end of week 4. I think I've done the week 4 max test one time only to redo week 4. And then, with multiple excuses, I've never seen the light of week 5.

100 push-upsHere I am though. More confident than ever. Tomorrow I do an exhaustion test -- simply put, I just do a bunch of push-ups until I collapse. If I can do 31, I go to week 5. Anything lower than that ... well, I'm not redoing week 4. I'll do at least 31.

I've been writing about this program on and off for more than 2 years and not once has anyone held me accountable. Not once has anyone left a comment on here, Facebook, Twitter or Daily Mile to say, "Hey, I see you haven't logged a push-ups workout in a while ..."

So just like with training for a marathon, I realize that it's up to me to get this done. I haven't written about my voyage this time very much because of my previous failed attempts.

All those times I've slacked off, though, I've learned something. Now I just have to do it.